Fashion for the Soul

April 21, 2019

Fashion for the Soul

No beauty is ever authentic unless it emanates from the soul. 

The stigma against fashion is as real and strong as the economy around it. People who and strive to look beautiful is still perceived to be superficial or juvenile or both. What many fail to acknowledge is that wanting to look beautiful is just as basic as our need for companionship and acknowledged. 

We are all made in perfection. It is this perfection that we want to maintain. 

In the same breathe, people fail to acknowledge that beauty, one that is authentic, sustained, and vast, starts from the soul. When our soul feel at peace, strong, and meaningful, it shows in our eyes, our actions, and our body. The undeniable and effortless grace shows in our actions, heard in our laughter, and felt in our touch. 

Light doesn't just shine on us, it comes out of us. 

Eet.Read.Love (E.R.L.) creates accessories that speak to the emotions and needs of our soul. Whether it is our desire to do better in profession or strengthen the bond of our friends and family or find a romantic half, E.R.L. goes through a 3 layer process to create the perfect accessory for you. 

Sourcing Materials

E.R.L. gets its materials from sources with sound environment and human force practice. 

There are many sources of Amethyst, Garnet, Ruby, or other semi-precious stone, but very few employ a process that ensure the environment is not compromised. 

In addition, there are very few places in the world that is shrouded with pure and divine energy. 

ERL gets its materials from the U.S., Philippines, India, Madagascar, and other places in Asia. 


We believe in style. We believe in simplicity. We believe that style starts from comfort. We believe that style should mean something.

We design pieces that will represent a piece of your soul, your energy, your heart.

We create accessories, clothes, and other products that will make it easy for you to go about your day but still look stylish while you consistent carry with you the reasons for your existence as represented by the accessories. 


Even the process of executing the designs is filled with positive energy. Each piece has a personal human touch. Nothing is created exclusively by machines. 


Fashion for the Soul

While there are a lot of stores with stunning accessories, E.R.L. is the only one that creates accessories for the soul. Each piece represents a part of your journey or a piece of your soul.  

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