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A wiser inner voice to make you see through the facade of people and situations | Confidence to go for what you want | Strengthen family bond

When it's not in your nature to doubt, it's easy to get hurt by people you love. When you are, by nature, fair, honest, and sincere, it's easy to miss the pretentions of others. The mookaite will grant you the discernment to see what others are trying to do a mile away.

This discernment extends through other aspects of your life including the wisdom to understand things beneath what the is seen on the surface. It makes you wiser.

It also, although not as known, strengthen family bond. The discernment you obtain allows you to understand the most complicated relationship you have in your life, that of your family. It gives you the intuition to bring everyone together and keep the bond strong. 

Works best with:

Ruby in Quartz, Amazonite, and Moonstone


Note that each crystal is unique. There crystal you will receive will be different from the one shown in the photo in terms of formation. 

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