Charged Collection | Tumbled Sunstone

Brighten your spirit and protect yourself from the formidable imperfections of our world with the Sunstone crystal. As it gives off its beaming, intense glow of positive energy it serves as a shield, protecting you from negative vibes so you can regain focus and continue your pursuit of fulfilling your soul and accomplishing your most substantial goals. Turn to the Sunstone crystal for ultimate relief from life’s daily trials and tribulations.


About Charged Gemstones

E.R.L.'s Charged Gemstones come from the ground, are ethically procured, and are not adulterated with dishonest or undisclosed treatments. Each crystal is cleansed and charged. 


Note: This is for 1 Tumbled Sunstone

Because of the nature of gemstones, each piece may differ in color and size. 

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