Chakra Gemstone Pyramid Set

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This unique chakra pyramid set features 7 different pyramids, each representing one of the 7 chakras within the body. With the right placement and intention, you can use these pyramids to keep your chakras in balance. The pyramids are as follows:

Citrine representing the Solar Plexus Chakra

Red Jasper representing the Root Chakra

Carnelian representing the Sacral Chakra

Lapis Lazuli representing the Third Eye Chakra 

Green Quartz representing the Heart Chakra 

Amethyst representing the Crown Chakra 

Turquoise representing the Throat Chakra 

Orgonite has the power to diminish any negative electromagnetic energy (EMF). The combination of Copper and the stones in our Chakra Pyramid set produces a tremendous amplification of the healing powers of both the stones and metal. 

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Wow! Thank you EatReadLoveInc this is so sweet! Such adorable packaging too. I've been waiting for this!


Thank you so much for the citrine bracelet from the holiday box. I received it and it is stunning! I have ordered two other boxes previously and have been delighted by the treasures I find in each.  I love the surprise and not knowing what is inside and I appreciate how thoughtfully they are created.  Thank you!



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