Charged Collection | Howlite

Howlite reaches of the ultimate spiritual consciousness.

Many are careful when using Howlite because consciousness doesn’t always mean easy. It does eliminate stress but it pushes you towards facing your karma. For many, their karma isn’t always easy. It could mean having to face past life issues or going back into unmended memories or moving forward with unwanted risks. 

How to use the Howlite:

  1. The Howlite is best used during your most sacred and devoted meditation. The more you use it, the greater its energy. However, using it once, as long as you are able to reach your highest level of serenity, is enough to plant the seed of consciousness in you.  
  2. The howlite is best paired with a Manifestor Quartz. You will get an amplified energy and help you go deep into meditation and stay there longer. 

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