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Lapis Lazuli Stone = Inner Awareness is a gate to a peaceful life.

If you are looking seeking for truth and reality, Lapis Lazuli is ready to show you that in the most magical way. Lapis Lazuli is famous for having its ability to enhance of one's inner awareness. This crystal has a very mystical and exquisite properties. It opens up a room for understanding one's own motivation while it also bring clarity to one's mind.

A gem believed to be given to people by Gods. Lapis Lazuli is known to be a magical gem. Valued higher than gold in ancient history. Mined in the most dangerous and remote places in the world. Royalties, philosophers, priests spiritual healers valued this stone for its healing and spiritual properties.


Ways to use your Lapis Lazuli Crystal

For Healing

Lapis Lazuli is known for curing insomnia, bites, tumors and fevers. Surround yourself with this crystal, especially when experiencing these illnesses and it will put in its healing energy. It also helps enhancing spirituality.

If you are having trouble sleeping, Lapis Lazuli crystal is your to go. Place your Lapis Lazuli under your pillow every night to get a restful sleep. 


For Inner Power

Wanting to gain emotional strength is something, but wanting to mix it with spiritual strength is another. Lapis Lazuli can provide both equating to Inner Power, Growth and Strength. Place your crystal in your purse and carry it everywhere to ensure that it brings you the energy that gives Inner Power.




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