Charged Collection | Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone

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Guides you during a pivotal moment in your life | Light of the Goddess | Protection during an emotional journey

Enhance your spiritual journey with the Rainbow Moonstone crystal. This elegant, celestial stone serves as a conduit for the sizable power of the moon, a power that serves as the driving force of our oceans. Allow the moonstone to brighten your life as you feel the moonlight glow radiating from its core and let its beauty guide you into your next great endeavor. The Moonstone crystal serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of time, light is on the horizon.


About Charged Gemstones

E.R.L.'s Charged Gemstones come from the ground, are ethically procured, and are not adulterated with dishonest or undisclosed treatments. Each crystal is cleansed and charged. 

Note: This is for 1 Tumbled Stone

Because of the nature of gemstones, each piece may differ in color and size. 

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