Charged Collection | Picture Jasper

A Picture Jasper is known as the stone of the Earth because its energy comes from the Earth, the soil, from deep within the Earth our bodies cannot reach. 

It is, hence, a the stone of “nakedness”. It brings you back to your roots, your ultimate true self. 

How to use a Picture Jasper:

  1. It is commonly used during meditation of awareness. If you want to strip your mind of everything unnecessary, be it unnecessary emotions, desires, ambitions, or worries and just take your consciousness back to its purest form, surround yourself with a Picture Jasper.
  2. This is also commonly used in gardens or anywhere near plants. It’s connection to the Earth surrounds you with the energy of nature. Spending time in your garden doesn’t just bring physical serenity, it brings unparalleled peace of mother Earth. 

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