*Exclusive* Charged Collection | Manifestor Quartz Crystal Point

It is common for people to associate flawlessness with perfection but very few understand how the greatest of strength and beauty manifests through anomalies. These manifestations quartz are some of the rarest in the world.

Look closely and you will see a quartz point inside a quartz point. The amount of strength nature exerts to make such a phenomenon happen demonstrates the kind of energy this crystal has. It is a rare occurrence that most people who find this kind of crystal choose to keep it for themselves.

Use Manifestor Quartz is the strongest manifestation crystal you can use. It can serve all intentions: love, healing, wisdom, and others. Due to the sheer amount of energy of this crystal, it is advisable to keep this in your most sacred space. Do not allow others to touch it or use it.


How to use Manifestor Quartz

  1. This is best used to amplify the energy of your other crystals.
  2. During meditation, place this in front of you.
  3. If you are using other crystals, you can surround this with other crystals.
  4. If you have a desk where you usually do your work, try your best to place this as close to your body as possible. However, avoid placing this where you are in close vicinity with others. Others could “share” energy of the crystal and although that, in itself, is okay, you are not certain if their intentions are good or not. 

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