Exclusive Collection | Tibetan Clear Quartz

Tibet is known for its many magnificent beliefs and cultures. Their life has driven the desire to have a pure soul instead of focusing on material wealth. Such disposition is not by accident.

Tibet is surrounded by a vast amount of divine energy that influences its people’s soul.

This quartz is from Tibet but is not “mined”. No machine or force were used to remove these crystals from their home. These are crystals that mother nature allowed people to have. Thus, its purity is preserved. This is also why it is so rare. Quartz in Tibet is not mined regularly. Local wait for mother nature to 'give' them stones.

Tibetan Quartz Uses
Because of its purity, Tibetan quartz is best used to amplify healing- and love- related intention. It is almost impossible to use the energy of Tibetan Quartz for anything other than emotion-related intention.

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