• Dream | Monthly Glamor Subscription Box

Dream | Monthly Glamor Subscription Box

Our Glamor box is a monthly offering of specially curated items by Sal to help you help grow your spiritual practice, provide good energy and strengthen your positive Aura. All Glamor subscription products are authentic, natural, and when appropriate, organic.

Each box may contain a mix of high-vibrational charged crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils & other lifestyle pieces.

In addition to these items, each subscriber will receive digitally delivered monthly tarot card readings which may include predictions for Love, Career, and Finances.

Our focus is to support you as you connect with the universe. With this intention in mind, we also have great consideration for mother nature. We only source crystals that are mined with respect and kindness.

Here is what you can expect each month with this tier subscription

  • 1 Monthly Digital Tarot Card Reading 
  • 1 or more Accessories or equivalent
  • 1 Holistic Care Item or Spiritual Connection Item or equivalent
  • 1 Manifesto Letter: Used to help understand the use of each item in every box as well as the intention for the month.

Please Note: Gemstones are natural materials and each gemstone is unique. Please note that our stone colors may vary slightly from piece to piece

*Subscriptions are monthly and can be canceled at any time.

*Cancellations before the 10th of each month will take effect immediately. Any cancellation made after the 10th will take effect in the next billing cycle.

*Contents of box may differ. Final box contents are determined by what is right based on the stars. Trust that the universe will provide you what you need. 

  • $40.00
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