Charged Collection | Tree Agate

Tree Agate is a protector. It puts a shield around you to bounce off the bad energy of crabs who pull you down with them, gossipers, and hypocrites. 

It is more commonly known for bringing good luck but at its core, a Tree Agate protects and the blessings you will receive is a result of the continuous flow of energy. 

How to use a Tree Agate: 

  1. Before submitting yourself into a stressful environment, hold the tree agate in hand and pause for a moment. Feel the energy flowing from it. Let it crawl to your consciousness. Throughout the day, you don’t need to keep it in your hand but would be advisable to keep it close. 
  2. During meditation, a Tree Agate is best placed on your forehead. One is enough as you visualize yourself in your most powerful moment. 
  3. You can also mediate for tranquility and peace. Visualize peace, white, or your most tranquil space. Let the Tree Agate take you there. 

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