Love Torched Sage Bundle

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Each Torched Sage Bundle comes with everything that you need to perform your daily meditation and cleansing! It has a combination of sweet and succulent flowers paired with sage, palo santo, and a special gemstone hand picked and wrapped for the most genuine experience!


White Sage Torch Bundle 

Rough Rose Quartz



Palo Santo

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Our products are created with love

At Eat Read Love we pride ourselves on being more than just a brand. We care, and that is why all of our crystals are ethically sourced and all of our products are certified organic.


Wow! Thank you EatReadLoveInc this is so sweet! Such adorable packaging too. I've been waiting for this!


Thank you so much for the citrine bracelet from the holiday box. I received it and it is stunning! I have ordered two other boxes previously and have been delighted by the treasures I find in each.  I love the surprise and not knowing what is inside and I appreciate how thoughtfully they are created.  Thank you!



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