Lucky Bamboo Tree

The “Lucky Bamboo Plant,” also called a “money tree,” has been known to bring great luck and manifestation to those who give it their intention and take good care of it! Each numerical combination represents a different kind of luck and manifestation. Once your payment has been processed Sal will personally hand-put together your tree and cleanse it. You will then receive a video of Sal with your personalized plant and he will give it your intention with his energy and start the growth process for 10 days before sending it out to you via USPS. (U.S. Only)

Available in:

-6 inch luck/8 inch luck (6 Pieces)

-6 inch wealth/8 inch wealth (5 Pieces)

-6 inch love/8 inch love (9 Pieces)

-2-tier 3&4 inch many blessings

If you would like to read more about the Lucky Bamboo Plant click here. 


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