The Wild: Desert Diamond Pendant and Black Spinel

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Desert Diamond is found almost exclusively in the Arabian Peninsula. They have the same micro-crystalline mineral as topaz and amethyst. When properly cut and polished, they have a luster and brilliance identical to that of far costlier carbon diamonds but rough, they have, what others claim to be, one of the most powerful self-yielding energy. In fact, its power is so raw, that people are advised to only tap into its power when they have utmost certainty that they have pure intentions to avoid channeling the energy towards negativities.

Desert Diamond Uses

Source: It may be regarded as a source of energy because of its natural but powerful nature. You can use the crystal to amplify the power of other crystals or tap into your inner energy as you meditate.
Life Path: If you are deeply confused or conflicted about a decision you have made, the desert diamond can guide you towards the right path. Some people call this the "fast lane" because the powerful energy will quickly guide you towards the path the universe wants you to take to take you closer to the fulfillment of your destiny. That being said, only tap into its power if you are prepared to see what you are supposed to see and not what you want to see.
Healing: Misery is sometimes so glamourized that some people choose to be miserable. The desert diamond may be used for healing. The power it emits makes it the best crystal for healing great emotional trauma that has held people captive and blocks them from making enlightened decisions. However, if the person using this is not sincerely yearning for healing, the desert diamond will only amplify their negative energy.

E.R.L.'s Fashion for the Soul

E.R.L. believes in the importance of beauty, both inside and outside. However, we also know that real beauty is not defined by social standards built through years of a distorted sense of affirmation. We know that beauty always starts with a beautiful soul. A soul filled with the desire to live a life with utmost respect towards the universe, other people and oneself. As each of us is born to a unique destiny, the productivity of our life and the fulfillment of our being should never be measured against other people's life. It should be measured against our own Karma.

E.R.L.'s accessories are created to help us fulfill this. Each piece is created with crystals for specific intentions but designed to feed our soul's desire to feel good about ourselves. An accessory is a beautiful concept. It can turn the most basic of our wardrobe to a stunning ensemble. E.R.L. is adding an additional layer by using crystals that can amplify our soul's intentions.

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