Pocket Intention: Creativity

This pouch inspires, ignites, enhances and sustains your creativity whether it's writing, painting, creating anything artistic or coming up with a witty plan and strategy to get things done extraordinary, these stones will tickle that creative side of you in heights you never thought possible. 

Amazonite - help articulate your ideas through words and actions 

Sodalite - helps remove writer's block, stimulates intense inspiration 
Red Tiger Eye - brings clear thinking and insight, helps manifest ideas into reality 

Malachite - increases creative potential, stimulates imagination 
Kyanite - stimulates a higher-mind, dreaming, and intuition, assists in the elevation of consciousness

Contents include:

  • 1- Amazonite
  • 1- Kyanite
  • 1- Sodalite
  • 1- Red Tiger Eye
  • 1- Malachite
  • 1 Crystal guide


Stones approx. 0.5” to 1" length Each stone is unique; size, shape, and color will vary. Stone finish (e.g. tumbled, rough, polished, point, etc.) may vary from what is pictured. 

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