Pocket Intention: Manifesting a Miracle

Pocket intentions are designed to be your constant companion. It keeps your intention consistent and strong, no matter what you do. Thus, the best way to utilize its energy is to keep it within your person all the time.

However, its power becomes greater when you meditate on your intention.


  • Larvikite Grounded Magic
  • Amethyst Grounding your spirituality
  • Citrine Resonance Lifting and Abundance
  • Ruby With Chalcedony Unfathomable Magic
  • Rainbow Moonstone Light of the Goddess of Miracles


  1. Start by finding your most comfortable spot and get in touch with your spirit. Hold the amethyst and allow your mind to take you to your deepest thoughts until you get to your deepest desire or the miracle your soul is longing for.
  2. Take the citrine as you journey to your desired magic. Visualize it in as much detail as you want.
  3. Put the other crystals down and take the Ruby Chalcedony and Larvikite in your hand. Put the Rainbow Moonstone in front of you Continue meditating in your miracle until you feel the energy of the miracle surround you. 
  4. Stay in that state for as long as you like.


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