Pocket Intention: Love

They say that if it ends, it was never love in the first place. Love is forever, unconditional and pure. These stones will help you in the most important of ways: understanding what love is, gain the wisdom on how to give love, and attract the same kind of love you are giving. 

ROSE QUARTZ - Unconditional love, kindness, friendship 
AGATE - Abundance, generosity, appreciation of nature 
CITRINE - Happiness, spiritual growth, pleasure 
AMETHYST - Inner peace, healing of body mind and soul 
QUARTZ - Harmony, healing, energy 

Contents include:

  • 1- Quartz Crystal
  • 1- Rose Quartz
  • 1- Pink Agate
  • 1- Amethyst
  • 1- Citrine
  • 1- Crystal Guide

All stones approx. 0.5" to 1" length.

Each stone is unique; size, shape, and color will vary. Stone finish (e.g. tumbled, rough, polished, point, etc.) may vary from what is pictured.


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