Limited Edition Bundle | Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is ready to rock our world and it will begin March 5... but that's only the beginning. The little planet is going to rock our boats all the way till the 28th. Yes, that's a long haul and you better be prepared. Mercury is not here to play.

Mercury rules communication, technology, and everyday travel. Yup!

That's like, what we use to survive on a daily basis. Think texting, internet connection, Uber, and when you want to catch up with a friend. Mercury is there, beginning to end, alpha and Omega.

When little M starts its dreaded periods (it just means it seems to be moving backward on its orbit if you are a mere mortal and looking at its physical movement), it seems to drag the aforementioned aspect of our lives backward with it.

Things go out of sync, off-key, off road... just off and there's nothing you can do to stop. Luckily, there is something you can do to protect yourself from it and that's what the Mercury Retrograde Bundle is for.

What's inside the Mercury Retrograde bundle and how to use it

Black Salt

Black Salt protects, a barrier and scattering this around your house or area would keep you safe from all the negativities other people's energy might be experiencing. Again, you can't stop people from having a bad day. You can stop other people's energy from affecting you.


Sandalwood smells good and that's why it automatically brings a sense of calm even to those people who don't consciously harness its energy. It is one of the very few woods out there that don't decompose easily and that's why it nearly became extinct hundreds of years ago.

People also realized the many energy it has but that's another discussion. However, you can just imagine the power its bring if you actually tap into the energy that it brings. You can use the Sandalwood chips as an aroma enhancer. Put it in a bowl or bottle and let the smell surround you. It will calm you. It will inspire you to pause and think rather than speak and act.

That's exactly how you work little M's bonker state. Think before you act. Think before you speak.

Sandalwood Rope Incense, Incense Burner Bowl and Sandalwood Mala Beads

During meditation, light up the rope incense and meditate on the mala beads necklace. As the smell of sandalwood surrounds you, you will be able to go deeper into your meditation and you need that, that deep deep deep (we can emphasize how deep you need to be) in your meditation during this state. Let your soul see every event that transpires in your life and let your soul see the truth about the people around you and their intention. Let your soul see who are those with unpure intention and those with a pure soul. Not every realization will be pretty but every realization will be worth it.


Quartz with Tourmaline and Black Onyx

The bracelet is to keep you grounded all the time. Wear it as often as you can. Quartz with Tourmaline and Black Onyx These two are the one-two punch of protection and deflection. Use the Black Onyx to protect you from evil energy and Quartz with Tourmaline to elevate you and pull you away from those toxic situations.


As a finishing touch, wear the hamsa or the evil eye. Lest someone attempts to pull you down with them, the evil eye will deflect that bad intention towards. It's like Captain America's shield for the metaphysical.


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