Limited Edition | Full Moon Bundle

Order now and get it by the full moon on February 19. 

There is so much mystery hidden in the hollow of the space between us and the moon. There is so much mysterious energy that pulls our life with such force that renders us helpless. It is even a scientific fact that the moon affects the Earth in great proportions that it sweeps the mightiness of our seas and oceans, changes the direction of the wind, and commands animals.

If it can affect such might elements, imagine how it can affect us. The Full Moon bundle is here to help you work the energy of the full moon to wash away the pain, anger, fear, and other negativities that are hindering your success and happiness. It is designed to heal you of your darkness so you can wake with better energy. How to use the Full Moon Bundle.

Sal will be sending a full instructional video to everyone that will be purchasing the Full Moon Bundle.

However, here are some brief pointers:

1) During the full moon, face towards its direction and find your most comfortable position

2) Light the intention candles and line it up in front of you.

3) LIght the goddess candle and put it behind the intention candles.

4) Surround yourself with the crystals.

5) Burn your cedar smudge.

6) Use the mala beads as you utter your intention or mantra. Repeat it with each bead until you finish the whole round.

If you feel that you need more meditation, go backward. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours for this meditation. Continue doing it until you feel the energy of the moon cleanse your pain and fear of your soul.



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