Lustful Love Smudge Stick

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Smudging is a widely practiced ceremony involving the burning of sacred herbs or resin in order to cleanse a person, object, or environment. 

This beautiful bundle of healing elements contains ethically sourced White Sage from California wrapped in twine and rose petals for love and romantic energy. This smudge stick comes as a stand alone product or as part of 3 unique bundles: 

High Priestess Bundle 

-1x Lustful Love Smudge Stick wrapped with white sage and palo santo

-1x Selenite Stick w/lavender 

Empress Bundle 

-1x Lustful Love Smudge Stick wrapped with white sage and palo santo 

-1x Selenite Heart 

Goddess Bundle 

-1x Lustful Love Smudge Stick Wrapped with white sage and palo santo 

-1x Selenite Bowl 

(Please exercise caution when burning sage. Do not leave unattended.)

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Wow! Thank you EatReadLoveInc this is so sweet! Such adorable packaging too. I've been waiting for this!


Thank you so much for the citrine bracelet from the holiday box. I received it and it is stunning! I have ordered two other boxes previously and have been delighted by the treasures I find in each.  I love the surprise and not knowing what is inside and I appreciate how thoughtfully they are created.  Thank you!



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