Manifestation Candle Subscription

Manifestation candles pair an auspicious Angel Number with a specific scent and crystal meant to charge and amplify its effects.

Each month Sal will read the planets and hand pick 4 numbers to be used during that month! In your subscription box you will receive a pamphlet detailing which numbers you received, why they were chosen, and when to light them to make the most of their secret energies!

Choose between 3 different subscription options: month to month, 3 month, and 6 months. When you sign up for a subscription you will receive 4 candles a month for whatever duration you have chosen. 

*Product may not reflect pictures shown. Candles will be chosen by Sal each month. When you start a subscription you will receive your first box right away and then be placed into rotation for the next month's shipment. 3 & 6 Month subscriptions are pre-paid and will be charged again after the final month, subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime without penalty. 

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