Charged Collection | Emerald

Seeks success or your intention | Pursues wisdom | Bond between partners (professional or romantic or familial)

Truly one of the most powerful crystals out there.

Along with Larvikite, Ruby with Chalcedony and Citrine, Emerald is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to success, fortune, or manifesting ones miracles or intentions. Its energy is focused towards ambition and desire. Unlike other crystals, the emerald seeks the energy needed to make you succeed.

Get your hands on as many Ruby with Chalcedony as you can and meditate on this stone. As long as your soul is healed, cleansed and open, your intention should finally come true.


LarvikiteRuby with Chalcedony and Citrine.


Note that each crystal is unique. There crystal you will receive will be different from the one shown in the photo in terms of formation. 


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