Charged | Freshwater Pearl and Amazonite Bracelet

Truth | Purity | Innocense| Happiness
Amazonite preserves your purity. Think Peter Pan, forever a child and stubborn against things that it doesn't enjoy. It is one of those crystals that can actually affect you "tangibly" and "physically" because it can block electromagnetic signal and other harmful modern energies. If worn by children althrougout adulthood, it will preserve the purity of their thoughts, their integrity, and being. Pearl, on the other hand, is the stone of purity of emotions. It will sharpen your mind and make your mood better, opening yourself to ultimate truths, while helping you to learn to love yourself more and, in turn, love others more, as well.
  • Elastic stretch bracelet
  • Charged in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sal
All Charged Jewelry by E.R.L. are charged in Santa Fe, New Mexico to be charged. Other vortexes are popular for their intensity, no one has been able to identify the source of the energy. The Santa Fe, New Mexico vortexes, on the other hand, are known for its pure and clean energy.


NATURAL GEMSTONE DISCLAIMER: Gemstones are natural materials and each gemstone is unique. Please note that our stone colors may vary slightly from piece to piece; making your Charged Jewelry truly one-of-a-kind and beautifully unique, just like you.

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