Abalone Shell + Tripod

  • 1 (one) Large 5-6 Inch Abalone shell and 1 (one) Natural Wooden Tripod
  • Beautiful Shell Colors: blue, pink, grey, purple, and white 
  • Tripod is collapsible - You can fold it for storage or relaxation on the go!

In Native American tradition, abalone shells are considered gifts from the sea and lakes. They symbolize water, a part of the balance of the natural elements during spiritual practices. A smudge ceremony is a custom of many indigenous cultures where sage is burned to release unwanted energies. The smudge ritual creates a cleansing smoke bath to purify energy and space.

When smudging, herbs should be burned or lit on a coal or Charcoal Tablet to avoid setting things on fire or setting off the fire alarm. When using charcoal tablets, make sure to fill the bowl or shell with sand or a flat stone.

This may also be used as a decoration or jewelry holder.

Note: Please note black marks and black holes are considered normal as they are natural shells from sea, sometimes the black will chip off. They are not considered a defect, not in any way used.*


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