Charged Mala | Rose Quartz & Amethyst Mala Buddha Necklace and Bracelet

Indomitable Intelligence | Protection | All types of Love | Emotional Intelligence

The combination of Rose Quartz & Amethyst will guide towards making the right decisions when it comes to anything that involves emotions. Whether it's knowing how to express your love or making a decision about a relationship, this mala beads is the perfect mala for your love mantra and intention.


    • Bead Count: approximately 108 pieces 
    • Bead Size: between 8MM - 10MM
    • Elastic stretch bracelet
    • Charged in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sal
    • Gold plated Charms 
All Charged Jewelry by E.R.L. are charged in Santa Fe, New Mexico to be charged. Other vortexes are popular for their intensity, no one has been able to identify the source of the energy. The Santa Fe, New Mexico vortexes, on the other hand, are known for its pure and clean energy.

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