Charged | Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

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The purple color of the Amethyst stone embodies the energy of the violet flame. It is used to help unwind and relax. The crystal’s properties have been known to help fight off addiction, which is why this crystal’s name comes from the Greek word amethustos, meaning “non-intoxicated”.

Many have referred to it as “nature’s tranquilizer” and it's elegant vibrant yet peaceful color is evidence of that. Found across the world in places like Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Bolivia, and the USA, this crystal tree provides calm and serene energy for your relaxation. Though Amethyst is considered a Pisces stone, that should not deter you from bringing this crystal tree into your home and allow its energy to work for you.

How to Use Crystal Tree:

  1. This dazzling item allows its holder to see the entire picture and all aspects within it for better decision making once their meditation routine begins.
  2. Place next to your bed or place of rest to fight insomnia.
  3. At moments of anger and rage, take a breather next to this crystal tree and feel the flow of calmness engulf your body.

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