Chinese New Year Bundle | Healing+Protection+Luck

Time to celebrate! What better way to do so than with this specially crafted, limited edition Chinese New Year Bundle. With the new moon arriving on February 5th, this is the year of the pig! Commemorate the start of the year right with an incense bundle, two protective bracelets, three healing crystals, and a string of genuine Tibetan mala beads all personally charged by Sal!

The start of a new year means new opportunities, new adventures, and endless possibilities.

Make the most of this extraordinary event and order yours now while supplies last!

Incense Bundle
1- Cleaning power incense stick box
1- Success incense stick box
1- Money drawing incense stick box
1- Wooden box burner
1- Cleansing candle (Sandal or Jasmine or Rose)

Personally charged items
1- Rose Quartz crystal - For cleansing and healing
1- Lapiz crystal - For abundance and luck
1- Quartz w/black tourmaline - For protection
1- White howlite bracelet - For awareness
1- Black Onyx bracelet - For release
1- Lapis/Onyx/Turquoise Tibetan Mala beads - For wonderment, wisdom, and beauty