Protective Angel Necklace: Black Onyx

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Stay glamorous, stay protected.

Have you ever gone out on a night out wanting to have a good time and come across nothing but predators who won't leave you alone?

Have you ever ventured on a project or a new job wanting nothing but to earn your day's deep but come across people who are just there for gossip, backbiting, and drama?

E.R.L.'s Angel necklace is charged with the energy of protectiveness so you can go out and 'do your thing' while keeping away people or events that may be out there to harm you.

Using The Angel: Black Onyx Necklace

Try to keep people from touching your necklace to keep the purity of protective energy. Wear it for a night out or stylized your office wear, meditate on this before you go out on the world with your intention. The strong energy wears out depending on the energy it is fighting to keep it charged by meditating on the onyx before use.

E.R.L.'s Fashion for the Soul

E.R.L. believes in the importance of beauty, both inside and outside. However, we also know that real beauty is not defined by social standards built through years of a distorted sense of affirmation. We know that beauty always starts with a beautiful soul. A soul filled with the desire to live a life with utmost respect towards the universe, other people and oneself. As each of us is born to a unique destiny, the productivity of our life and the fulfillment of our being should never be measured against other people's life. It should be measured against our own Karma.

E.R.L.'s accessories are created to help us fulfill this. Each piece is created with crystals for specific intentions but designed to feed our soul's desire to feel good about ourselves. An accessory is a beautiful concept. It can turn the most basic of our wardrobe to a stunning ensemble. E.R.L. is adding an additional layer to by using crystals that can amplify our soul's intentions.

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