Pocket Intention: Dreams

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Let your subconscious rest, submerge your soul to total silence and total nothingness to recharge. Indulge your subconscious to the clarity of your dreams because, often, dreams are signs, a way for the universe to communicate with you with no distractions and disturbance. These stones will bring clarity to your dreams. 

Howlite - Relieves insomnia; Helps one achieve deep sleep; Access wisdom during dreams 
Banded Amethyst- Stress relief; Enhances peace of mind and relaxation 
Brecciated Jasper - Promotes dream recall; Protection during astral travel
Carnelian - Aids memory and manifestation of one’s desires
Selenite - Powerful intuition and psychic awareness; Promotes dream recall

Contents include:

  • 1- Howlite
  • 1- Banded Amethyst
  • 1- Brecciated Jasper
  • 1- Carnelian
  • 1- Selenite
  • 1- Crystal Guide

Stones approx. 0.5” to 1" length (Selenite approx.. 3” length).

Each stone is unique; size, shape, and color will vary. Stone finish (e.g. tumbled, rough, polished, point, etc.) may vary from what is pictured.

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