Exclusive Collection | Standing Lumerian Crystal Point

Unlike other crystals, Lemurians healing capability come from love. It is believed that Lemuria was a highly civilized society. However, unlike modern civilization driven by power and technology, Lemurians drive their progress, daily life, and technology by the purity of their intention.

More than 12 million years ago, Lemurians decided to leave Earth and move to another world. However, they planted seed crystals and left the spirit and energy of love, peace, wisdom and unity.

Thus, whoever possesses a Lemuria remains connected to their spirit.

How to use Lemurian Lemurian is the most receptive crystal. If you are seeking knowledge and wisdom, the Lemurian can guide you towards the right thinking, direction, and action. Lemurians grant you wisdom and the energy to use that wisdom on your action.

  1. Make this the center of your meditation when you are about to make a critical decision that could change your life, career, or affect others.
  2. You can also put this beside you when you are reading, in a business meeting, brainstorming sessions, or doing some critical thinking.
  3. Many creative people use Lemurians to draw out creative ideas during the process of creating their art.

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