Introducing the Special Edition Abundance Glamor Box!

Specially curated to aide you in manifesting abundance and wealth, this box comes with 6 different items and a value of over $100! 


-Success herb ritual candle set with 2 ritual candles rolled in sage and cedar, a starlight candle holder, and an agate slice.

-Prosperity elixir consisting of moldavite water, moldavite, and cedarwood to enlighten your destiny with money + success.

-Prosperity vial necklace filled with citrine and sage to call in abundance, manifest success and clarity.

-Good fortune intention bottle corked and filled with hibiscus and a citrine point to beckon abundance.

-Sweetgrass braid used to attract prosperity, abundance, and guidance when ignited.

-7 Day free trial to astrological planner app Align27

-Manifestation of Jupiter webinar (Pre-recorded)

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