Introducing the Special Edition Courage Glamor Box!

Specially curated to give you the strength and courage you need to accomplish new heights, this box comes with 5 different items and a value of over $100! 


-Warrior crystal aromatherapy mist with garnet + bergamot to unleash the warrior within.

-Carnelian palmstone in aura stuffing in a gold velvet pouch for sacred safe keeping used to beckon courage + vitality.

-Bohemian summer crystal roller made of bergamot + carnelian to add some zest

-Reclaim yourself etched palo santo because thats one of the most courageous things we can do. Good for keeping on the altar for intention or burning.

-Durga deity altar candle dressed with herbs and sealed with an intention fixed for feminine power and creative forces.

-7 day free trial of align27 astrological planner app.

-New me/New you/Who you workshop digital stream.

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