Introducing the Special Edition Divination Glamor Box!

Specially curated to aide you in your manifestation of luck and connect you to higher frequencies, this box comes with 6 different items and a value of over $100! 


-Labradorite palm-stone in aura stuffing in a deep green velvet pouch for sacred safe keeping. Beckons magic + opportunity.

-Oracle stones kit with tigers eye and quartz in a velvet pouch in laser etched wooden box. For the indecisive.

-Divination beeswax crystal candles hand rolled with honeycomb beeswax, mugwort and obsidian for celestial guidance and messages.

-Quartz pendulum with velvet pouch, pendulum chart, and instructions.

-Mini white sage for intense cleansing and release.

-7-day free trial to astrological planner app align27

-Tarot Class level 1 - Symbols (Pre-recorded)

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