Introducing the Special Edition Protection Glamor Box!

Specially curated to help protect and shield you from negative and unwanted energy, this box comes with 6 different items and a value of over $100! 


-Black salt pack with coal and Hawaiian sea salt. 

-Renewal bath salt vial with black salt, pink Himalayan salt, dead sea salt, white sage, black tourmaline.

-Protection bundle with white sage + black tourmaline in a genuine leather pouch.

-Black agate energy bracelet for beckoning grounding, strength, and protection. 

-Protection vial necklace with black salt + lemurian quartz in a tiny glass vial strung on a sterling silver chain.

-Palo santo + quartz crystal essential oil roller made with genuine quartz and pure palo santo oil.

-7 day free trial to astrological planner app Align27. 

-"Everything about Saturn" webinar. 

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