Limited Edition | March Full Moon Bundle

This month’s Full Moon takes place in sidereal Virgo in the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra at 9:42PM EDT. This star is symbolized as the back section of a hammock (while the previous nakshatra of Poorva Phalguni represents its front half). Like a hammock, this lunar mansion has connotations of activities that merge leisure or rejuvenation with practicality, or business with pleasure.

The full Moon indicates the month’s distinctive qualities, which this month may be related to themes of how a basic structure within one’s daily life affects the ability to feel rejuvenated, supported, or rested.

What's inside:

  • 1pc Crystal Sphere
  • 5 pcs Intention Candles
  • 5 pcs Crystal Points
  • 1 K2 Pendant

Meet the K2

The K2 is a unique stone mined from the snowy peaks of Pakistan's K2, the second highest mountain in the world.

These rugged snowy peaks make mining difficult, which is why this special stone is extremely rare and hard to find. K2 crystal is a combination stone with an impressive ancestral pedigree that can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Native American healers who used Azurite in their healing rituals.

Occasionally marked with Green Malachite inclusions, its perfect blue orbs look like dye but to everyone’s surprise, these unique characteristics are actually a natural formation, adding to its ethereal and otherworldly aesthetic.

The K2 crystal meaning is associated with the strength and resolve that comes from feeling harmonious and balanced in all aspects of life. It’s the granite that gives K2 its powerful grounding effects, opening the doors to your sharpest intuition. Making up the foundation of earth's crust, granite helps anchor us to the earth while our spirit floats on puffy white clouds and converses with angels.

With the K2 crystal stone, find your inner muse and ask your creative spirit to come out and play.

How use the Full Moon Bundle

1) For a spiritual awakening with this special stone, begin your journey in a sacred space free of clutter and distractions with . This means stepping away from the television and your cell phone and entering an environment that promotes healing and relaxation. Take a 20 minute break from your everyday routine and get up close and personal. Wear your K2 Pendant.

2) Take an item that will represent your intention. Place the sphere on the item. It could be a photo, a dress, a jewelry, a paper, your diary, or anything you highly connect with your intention.

3) Meditate on your intention.

4) Once you feel your you have reached the depth of your intention, take the sphere and set it aside. surround the object with the crystal points and the intention candles.

5) Take the Sphere on your hand and start meditating for healing/cleansing, clarity and then your intention, in that order.

6) Stay in your meditative state for as long as you can. 7) Continue wearing the K2 Pendant in your everyday to keep calling for the energy of the universe to grant you your intention.

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