Love & Beauty Ritual Kit

Sal has taken knowledge from his own personal life and experiences and put together a ritual kit that will aide you in manifesting love energy! 

This kit comes with a large Rose Quartz on metal stand to be placed in your sacred space, a unique geode wish crystal, laser etched offering bowl with palo santo bundle, and a hand-poured Artisan Candle! The kit is then topped off with a special Rose Quartz bracelet to keep the loving energy with you on the go!


1x Rose Quartz on Metal Stand ($60 Value)

1x Geode Wish Crystal ($25 Value)

1x Sun & Moon Offering Bowl ($28 Value)

1x Palo Santo Bundle ($12.50 Value)

1x Rose Quartz Bracelet ($25 Value) 

1x Lavender Candle ($37 Value)

1x Complete Instruction page on how to use the ritual properly

Total Retail Value: $200!


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