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Manifestation | Citrine Crystal Aromatherapy Mist

Abundance - Emotional Balance- Chakra Cleanser

Manifestation Spray is an external elixir of Citrine & Lemongrass. Spray to open the pathway for your desires to come to fruition. When using this spray, visualize your dreams and intentions and pour that energy into the Universe.

Citrine is a manifestation oriented stone. It is also a light-bringer and allows one to see the silver lining of a situation and brings light and joy into life.

Lemongrass is a scent of love and psychic abilities. It helps one vision that is needed to achieve one's dreams!

Each bottle includes a small Citrine inside!

  • No Chemicals or Irritants 
  • 2fl. Oz Glass Amber Bottle
  • $12.00
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