Planetary Scrying Pouch

At last, a pouch that brings together the best parts of the universe, the 9 planets that make each and every one of us who we are! As we are connected to the planets, so are they connected to us. Now you can connect with each of the planets that define you, and bring yourself that much more in line with your life path. 

Each pouch contains 9 planets that pertain to astrology. Every order will include a specialty card that gives details on each crystal & planet combination along with a velvet pouch. 

This pouch and its crystals can be used to scry, or foretell the future. Cast a stone and place it under a lit candle to see what the future holds. This pouch is not limited to just scrying, it can also bring you the energy of the planets based on what you are manifesting! 


-Moon (Sodalite)

-Mars (Red Jasper)

-Jupiter (Tiger's Eye)

-Venus (Rose Quartz)

-Saturn (Amethyst)

-Ketu (Dalmation Jasper)

-Rahu (Zoisite)

-Sun (Clear Quartz)

-Mercury (Green Quartz)

*Spheres measure between 1-1.5" in diameter. Each sphere weighs approximately 1oz. (Sizes and weights may vary)

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