Poppy Jasper - Crystal Sphere

Though Jasper can be a solid color, it is most often mottled, spotted, ringed, or striped. Jasper is an ancient gemstone and in antiquity was regarded as a valuable stone. A wonderful stone for emotional healing, it imparts a calm, soothing energy. Jasper builds confidence, reduces insecurities, and supports a healthy need to move forward in one's life. It also helps one let go of overwhelming feelings of guilt and unrealistic fears that only serve to inhibit healing and moving forward.

A joyful stone associated with poppies and remembrance, Poppy Jasper brings cheerfulness and vitality, reminding humanity to help one another. This stone can be gently stimulating, or fiery in passion and intensity as needed. It provides the impetus for variety and new experiences, and encourages the development of fresh ideas. 

Size is approx. 2" in diameter. 

(Crystals absorb energy so therefore to ensure all of our clients receive crystals with pure energy we do not accept returns or offer refunds. All sales are final.)

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