Protection Crystal Grid

Sal's Protection crystal grid is the perfect grid to remove and block unwanted energy that you may attract.

Harness the power of the universe! You do not need to have strong intuition, be psychic, or be a light worker to receive the benefits of the universe. Now, with the help of Sal, you can create a conduit for powerful universal energy right in the comfort of your own home! Sal's crystal grid comes in 3 different kits and depending on what you are trying to manifest, there is a kit for you! 

Whether you need good vibes, protection, or just want a grid that covers all bases, you can get yours today and start connecting with the energies that surround us all!

Each kit comes with an embroidered muslin pouch full of charged crystals, a 8" laser-cut wooden grid, a 16x16" 100% Italian linen cloth woven in Japan, and instructions on how to form the grid.