• Protection Spray | Shungite Crystal Aromatherapy Mist

Protection Spray | Shungite Crystal Aromatherapy Mist

Purification- Detoxification -Grounding

Protect yourself, your aura and your space by setting healthy boundaries. 

Our Protection spray has an aromatic, camphor-like scent but still a little bit sweet. Stop the bad juju at the door and combat the electromagnetic frequencies cast off by phones, tablets, and computers.

Shungite works to ground your root chakra to create a more stable and balanced foundation.  There may be other toxic energy besides EMFs that you need to get out of your system, in which case Shungite will flush your body, mind, and spirit of that.

Each bottle includes a small Shungite inside!

  • No Chemicals or Irritants 
  • 4fl. Oz Glass Amber Bottle
  • $15.00
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