Charged | Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz = Be love. Have love. Give love.

Look no further when seeking happiness, passion, and unconditional love as your Rose Quartz stone is meant to help rotate and radiate these gifts into the axis of your life. One of the most empowering properties of Rose Quartz stone is that it allows you to awaken and embrace the forgotten love that has been living within you making it easy to share love once again with those you are surrounded with, especially to the ones dear to your heart.

The power of Rose Quartz in love and reconciliation has tales and stories to tell of legends in the history of great love and mankind. One of them is the story of Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis. Adonis was in the shape of a wild boar while being attacked by Ares. Aphrodite ran to save Adonis as she feared to lose him and she caught herself up on a briar bush. Adonis’ and Aphrodite’s blood mixed staining the white quartz pink resulting in a beautifully discolored rosy colored quartz. Zeus, later on, took pity on them and brought Adonis back every year for six months, thus making rose quartz a symbol of renewed love. It has also been believed that Cupid and Eros brought Rose Quartz to mankind thinking that it’s a lovely rosy pink color would spark up love and desire in mortals. Isis, an Egyptian legend used Rose Quartz to maintain her beauty and youth. Egyptians believed that facial masks with Rose Quartz are good for their skin, lessen their wrinkles and make them look youthful as possible.

Ways To Use Your Rose Quartz Stone:

For Healing

Your Rose Quartz stone may be placed over your heart for approximately 11 minutes to help you connect and strengthen your Heart Chakra.

When bathing, you may place your Rose Quartz Stone inside the shower room to help you release negative emotions such as stress, worry and hatred turning them into positive feelings such as love, forgiveness, and exhilaration.

For Love

Carry your Rose Quartz Stone everywhere in your purse or wear it as a pendant to attract and give out vibrations of love. You can only give what you have, therefore, wearing this stone is like carrying love and giving it away creating pure delight in a room full of people.

For Peace

A Rose Quartz stone is a great gift idea to friends, colleagues, and loved ones, one had issues with. One of the symbolic meanings of the stone is “to let go of everything that is keeping us apart”. Therefore, when given as a present, the giver sends signals of peace which cuts all the emotions tied to hatred and fear. Thus, offering peace to both giver and receiver.

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