Charged | Handmade Glass Pendant with Shredded Natural Jade

Product Specs:

  • Complimentary 18 - 24 inches drop chain 
  • Handmade
  • Material: Glass and Shredded Natural Jade (blue or green) 

If you're looking for a fun look and still attract good luck, E.R.L.'s handmade Glass Pendant with Shredded Natural Jade is for you. Charged with the energy of good luck, this is going to attract favor your way. If you are going to an interview or auditioning for a role or going to any kind of event or place where you might be competing with others, Jade will put a spotlight on your positive qualities.

Using the Glass Pendant with Shredded Natural Jade

Jade is an extremely valuable and rare crystal. It is also powerful and coveted. Like other crystals, it shouldn't be touched or used by others except for the person it is intended for. However, Jade also needs to be as close to your body as possible. The glass pendant provides minimal hindrance but enough protection to ensure you continue to use its energy even while you are going about your business.

E.R.L.'s Fashion for your Soul

E.R.L. believes in the importance of beauty, both inside and outside. However, we also know that real beauty is not defined by social standards built through years of a distorted sense of affirmation. We know that beauty always starts with a beautiful soul. A soul filled with the desire to live a life with utmost respect towards the universe, other people and oneself. As each of us is born to a unique destiny, the productivity of our life and the fulfillment of our being should never be measured against other people's life. It should be measured against our own Karma.

E.R.L.'s accessories are created to help us fulfill this. Each piece is created with crystals for specific intentions but designed to feed our soul's desire to feel good about ourselves. An accessory is a beautiful concept. It can turn the most basic of our wardrobe to a stunning ensemble. E.R.L. is adding an additional layer by using crystals that can amplify our soul's intentions.


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