Zodiac Box - Collectors Edition

This collectors edition, exclusive box makes the perfect gift for friends and family based on their zodiac sign! Each box contains items specially picked to match each zodiac. These boxes also include a calendar for the 2021 phases of the moon, a guide to mercury retrograde in 2021, and a special bonus item! Limited quantity available so gets yours now before they're all gone! (Western Astrology Friendly)

Each box includes:

-Manifestation Crystal Mist

-Energy Bracelet 

-Smudge kit with unique sage and feather combo 

-Large crystal unique for each zodiac 

-A ritual candle kit complete with an altar and candle rolled in herbs 

-Mercury Retrograde 2021 guide 

-2021 Phases of the moon

-Bonus Item!

Select your zodiac from the drop down menu below before adding to cart.

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