Products containing crystals, stones or gems are FINAL SALE. Please see Policies for more information.


What is Eat.Read.Love. Inc.???

Eat.Read.Love. Inc. is a corporation founded by Sal Biadora, an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, that specializes in wellness, holistic medicine and living a balanced and healthy life full of positivity and light. Besides our e-commerce store, we post daily, weekly and monthly readings of the zodiac signs with tarot cards on YouTube. Make sure to check out our YouTube page for a deeper dive into who we are!

Where can I get a personal reading???

Unfortunately, at this time, Sal will not be providing personal reading services due to the other projects he is currently working on. Please head over to our YouTube page to get the latest tea on your zodiac sign! 

How do I know which astrology system to follow???

We follow the Vedic system! All of the videos and readings Sal does on the YouTube channel is done using the Vedic system. 

How do I look up my natal chart???

There are a few things you have to know before finding out your chart. You will need: Birth date, birth time, and location. These have to be accurate in order for you to get accurate readings. Once you find that out, download the app, Cosmic Insights, and input the info where needed. Then BOOM! You've got your chart! :) 

Where is my order???

Because Eat.Read.Love. Inc. is just starting to get its bearings, there will be some delay in receiving your product. So please be patient with us as you haven't been forgotten! You will receive an email with a tracking #, so please keep an eye out and make sure to check your spam folder!

How do I return/exchange an item???

If you would like to return an item, please refer to this page for instructions.
If the item is personalized, we cannot refund you your money due to its customization toward you, your partner or whomever the item is for. If the item is not personalized, the product must be unused and returned to us in its original packaging. We will email you a prepaid shipping label to send to us. Once you ship the item and we receive the item, then we will initiate the refund. The refund should take 5 - 7 business days, depending on your bank. 

You don't have the item I'm looking for, what do I do???

Have no fear! If the item you like is out of stock, we will replenish it soon! Be patient and make sure to keep checking back to see if it's back in stock! Unless it is a limited item, then you may be out of luck. 😕

How do I get in contact with Sal??? can't. At least not directly. If you have specific questions about merchandise, shipping or you are a business inquiring about something, you can email But if you're asking for a personal reading, to be sponsored, to have sponsored products, etc., please know that your email may not receive a response.