5 Easy Ways to Improve Feng Shui in Your Home

5 Easy Ways to Improve Feng Shui in Your Home - Eat.Read.Love.

Do you want to improve the Qi that flows in and around your home? Feng Shui is the answer!

To make it effortless, I have compiled a list of 5 easy-to-do feng shui tips to encourage a good flow of happy Qi (pronounced "chee")! Balancing the flow of energy will allow you to welcome a positive abundance of health, wealth, happiness, love, joy, (and so much more) into your life.

We'll also take a brief look at Vastu, and what the main differences are between the two.

So, let's get right into it!

A Quick "What Is Feng Shui?" Recap

We all know that our homes are much more than the 4 walls we come home to each day.

They're also a reflection of who we are, as well as how we feel about ourselves. Feng Shui is the balance between the Qi of an area. Be it your home, garden, or office, harnessing good Qi is vital for harmony, health, and abundance.

Each area corresponds with one of the five elements (wood, earth, fire, air, metal). Each of these elements is linked to specific colors, directions, and materials. Shapes, time of day, and the qualities of the Qi are other aspects tied to each of the elements.

What Is Indian Vastu?

Indian Vastu (Vastu Shastra) is an ancient method of architecture worked out by ancient Indian sages.

They were looking for ways to build spaces that would enhance the energies of the people using them. It works by aligning the structure of your property with the natural forces of the Earth.

Vastu also makes use of five elements. This time, they include earth, water, fire, air, and ether. It incorporates these elements into the building from the foundation up.

This means that it's best applied in the design phase, in consultation with your architect. According to its practitioners, Indian Vastu is rooted in science as each element has its own specific vibration.

Earth has a frequency that is different from that of water. Fire, air, and ether also all have unique vibrational frequencies. Perfect wholeness happens when all five elements reach balance in the home or office.

Proper Planning to Attract Abundance

You will need to work out which directions influence the back and front of your home.

First, find the "sitting-direction" of the property. This is the boundary wall on the opposite side of the property from the front door or the road out front.

Now, standing in the middle of this wall and using a compass, determine if you are in the north, east, south, or west sector. Make a note of the direction that the back falls into.

The next step is to determine which direction your front door is facing. You can do this by standing at the front door with your compass and facing outside. This direction is the "facing-direction" of your house.

So, the back of my property, for example, falls in the east sector. My home's facing-direction is west. Again, make a note of which area of the grid your front door is occupying. Now let's work out which element it belongs to.

This quick reference table should make that easy:



Time of Day



Qi Quality

Fire Sky blue, lilac, mauve, pink, purple, red Noon Summer South Inspiration, activity, strength
Earth Beige, cream, brown, natural wood, yellow Afternoon Late summer South-west/North-east Allows Qi to settle and mature
Metal Chrome, gold, grey, silver, stainless steel, white Evening Autumn West/North-west Reflective, grounded
Water Black, navy blue Night Winter North Restful, quiet, and profound but can stagnate and become cold
Wood Light or dark green Dawn Spring East Youth, stamina, ideas, activity, growth

1. Clean the Garden Path

The best home advice, and the first thing you want to do is clean up your garden path.

Make sure it's neat and tidy. Your guests will be greeted with a great first impression and the Qi will flow more freely.

Cleaning up the garden path can be as simple as sweeping up leaves. Spend some time pulling out any weeds that may be growing along the pathway. Another way to create a welcoming space is to add plants or hanging baskets along the walkway.

You should also put a welcome mat down. It will give visitors a reason to pause before entering your home. Choose one that reflects your vibe and home, in a color that represents the element of the area.

Using my home as an example again, the pathway to my front door is in the West, so its represented by metal. I have used a lot of silver, white, and grey along the entrance pathway.

There is a beautiful variety of white flowers available. Perhaps daisies or hydrangeas? Or maybe even tulips? Kale makes a gorgeous and unexpected feature in a garden too!

The path toward your door will compel people to direct their energy flow into your home!

2. Paint Your Front Door

At some point on the meander down the garden path, friends' eyes will settle on the front door.

This is the entranceway to your Kingdom (even if it's a tiny Kingdom!). It's the gateway through which Qi flows into your home. It's also the prize at the end of the visual feast you created on the pathway.

Give it a good coat of paint in the color associated with this area's element. I have painted my front door the most incredible shade of grey called Casper Grey, and the pathway is a darker shade, with a black mat. The look is completed with white boulders and old sieves painted silver and reincarnated as hanging baskets.

If true friendships are important to you, place jasmine plants on either side of your front door. They smell incredible, so your entrance area will always imbue happiness, and their energy will help to create strong bonds with real friends.

To complete the area, add a pair of pixui statues for protection and luck. There are many feng shui items for your home and the best way to decide which to use is to remember the intention. 

3. Spring Clean and Improve Your Home's Health

An immediate way to encourage good feng shui in your home is to embark on a deep clean.

Tackle the windows, declutter bookshelves and cupboards, and move furniture around. This will clear away any stagnant or negative energy that has built up over time. It will also help you identify areas of your space that need more attention.

You should declutter often so that clutter doesn't accumulate. This can hinder the flow of Qi throughout your home. Moving furniture around can help you create better energy flow within the rooms of your space.

If you're feeling really wild, why not rearrange the rooms in your house? Shake things up a little!

Keep in mind that the energy in your home needs to be cleaned too. You know the obvious (and excellent) methods of smudging and incense, but sound is just as cleansing. Consider using singing bowls to help achieve Feng Shui in your home. 

4. Put Up Loads Of Pictures

Hanging pictures is a quick, easy way to introduce the associated color of each element to your home.

Photos, paintings, or prints are all options you could use to effortlessly lift the energy of the area. Imagery is important in the context of Feng Shui. To balance the energy, you need to create movement and balance in your space.

Pictures have the power to do both. They can bring many of the associated aspects of each element into an area in one item. They also trigger an emotional response in those who view them.

When choosing photos, make sure they're not blurry or pixelated. They need to be clear enough that you can see every detail of the subject matter. If you're hanging pictures in an office space, try to choose pleasant-looking pics.

No one wants a creepy portrait staring back at them!

Make sure the colors aren't too bright either. This will create too much stimulation in the room and could affect how people feel when they're there.

Hanging smaller images encourages you to think more modestly about your potential. This is helpful if you're feeling down, discouraged, or overwhelmed, but it's not ideal when trying to get things done!

5. Hang a Big Mirror in Your Bathroom

To ensure that your bathroom has a healthy amount of feng shui, hang a big mirror in the room.

The size of the reflection may seem unimportant from an aesthetic standpoint. But from an energetic perspective, it's very important. Seeing this larger-than-life reflection of yourself in the mirror will help you create a bigger vision for your day.

A smaller mirror, on the other hand, encourages a smaller view of your potential. If there aren't any mirrors at all in your bathroom, consider adding one so there is at least some reflection happening.

Avoid bathroom cabinets with two mirrors as this encourages division. If you need two mirrors, place them so they're doing something interesting. Think about how you can place them to reflect natural light or create interesting shadows.

Going With the Flow

Now that you know five easy ways to improve Feng Shui in your home, it's time to get started!

Vastu principles must be brought in during the design stage, so remember to get an expert on your team.

Remember that the intention we set at the beginning of any energy work we do, will also be a part of the end result. Set the intention to have fun, and to create a positive abundance of health, love, and happiness in your life!

Ps. I thought I'd add one last tip to inspire you! Place a lucky bamboo plant somewhere in your sitting direction area. A patio or garden setting is ideal, but inside, on a window sill that catches the rising sun is also good!

Pps. The rose quartz, which embodies a very muted fire energy, is supported by the wood energy of the plant and brings perfect harmony to the flow of the Qi.

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