How to Use Citrine to Attract Money: Everything You Need to Know

How to Use Citrine to Attract Money: Everything You Need to Know

Ask any crystal healer or metaphysician about the best crystals for manifesting wealth, and they'll almost always mention citrine. But what is citrine, exactly? And what makes it such a desirable stone for money-attracting rituals?

If you're interested in bringing more abundance into your life whether that's financial or just a wealth of experience citrine may be the right crystal for you.

Read on to learn all about this gemstone's benefits and how it can help you achieve prosperity.

What Is Citrine?

Citrine is a variety of quartz that has been found in various parts of the world. It is yellowish-brown, which can range from pale to deep golden orange. The color may also have reddish or green tones as well.

Citrine, which is a variety of quartz, is typically mined in Brazil. It can also be found elsewhere such as in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Madagascar.

People often call citrine "sunshine stone" because of its sunny color!

People use citrine because they believe it helps them attract prosperity and abundance into their life by attracting wealth-attracting energies through its vibrations (and we'll talk more about this later).

It's also known for its healing properties, protection capabilities, and prosperity energies.

We'll take you through each of citrine's properties in-depth so that you can use citrine in the best way possible for your needs.

Citrine Benefits

Citrine is a powerful stone that can help you attract money and abundance. It's known as the success stone because it encourages personal empowerment, motivation, and creativity.

Citrine is a stone of abundance, so it can help you attract prosperity and plentitude. This makes it one of the best stones for manifesting wealth!

Citrine is especially useful for people who want to improve their finances but are feeling discouraged by their current situation in life. Citrine will help them find new opportunities for growth through positive thinking and self-confidence techniques like affirmations or visualization techniques (like creating vision boards).

Using Citrine Intentionally Can Bring You Closer to Your Goals

Citrine is a powerful stone that can help you manifest your goals and attract money.

It's also known as the "merchant stone" because it attracts abundance in all areas of your life: money, love, and happiness. If you're looking to attract more prosperity in your life or if you want to boost your income, citrine is an excellent tool.

How to Use Citrine for Money

There are a few ways you can use citrine to attract money into your life, but the first thing you need to do is make sure that you're in a positive mindset about it. If you're not, it can actually work against you!

The second thing to keep in mind is that the crystal is a stone of manifestation and it helps bring your desires into reality. So when you're using a citrine crystal to attract money into your life, it's important to be clear about what kind of money you want.

Be Clear About Your Desires

Are you thinking about a new job? A new car? Maybe even a new house and some cash to help with the down payment?

Whatever it is, keep that goal in mind as you read on.

The best way to do that is by writing down exactly what it is that would make your life feel more abundant and full. Start by picking one thing and focus on that.

As you get better at attracting what you want, you can expand your list a little! 


Hold the crystal in your hands and meditate on your list of desires for five minutes. Get into the habit of doing this every day.

Let yourself imagine what having this new abundance would feel like; how it would change things for you and those around you; how much more freedom there would be if only!

Build the picture in your mind of yourself having what you want whether it's that new job or a big paycheck or just enough money to pay bills this month. Hold the visualization as long as possible it may take a few minutes at first, but with practice, it will become easier.

Feel the Energy Flow

Finally, and this step is crucial, put your other hand over the crystal and feel its energy enter your body. Let it flow through your body until it reaches every cell within you, filling each one with light and energy from the crystal itself.

Then take your hands away from each other and breathe deeply for several minutes as this energy flows through you like water from a spring.

Then, place the crystal somewhere where it will be visible whenever anyone walks into your home or office space. This will help remind them (and maybe even yourself) of your intentions for abundance! 

Wear Citrine Jewelry

Wearing citrine jewelry is a great way to make a conscious effort to attract wealth into your life. The energy of this crystal is so strong and powerful that if you wear it regularly, it will charge up with the purpose of helping you make more money.

You can even combine citrine with other stones like diamonds or rubies to amplify the effects even further. The stone will transfer its vibrational frequency onto yours so that they become one and work together as one unit to help manifest what they want without fail.

Keep Citrine on Your Desk or in Your Purse

Keeping a small piece of citrine on your desk or in your purse is also another way to charge up with money-attraction energy throughout the day at work (or school). Just keep it on hand for quick access when needed!


Visualizing what you want to have in your life is a powerful tool to use when manifesting your dreams. Really allow yourself to feel the emotions and reactions you would experience if you woke up filthy rich tomorrow.

Let yourself feel what that would feel like. It becomes much easier to manifest what you want when your body believes that you have it already.

Use your citrine crystal as a visual reminder that you are manifesting money into your life. This will help speed up the process of attracting more money into your life.

Feel the sheer joy of having money every time you look at your stone!

Take It With You

Carry a small citrine crystal with you wherever you go. This can help attract new clients who may bring more money to your business!

Use Citrine as Part of a Decor Piece

Citrine, in combination with Feng Shui, can be incredibly powerful in your home and business.

Put a piece of citrine on display in an area where people will see it often (like near the front door). This will create a positive atmosphere in which people feel like they're welcome and comfortable spending money.

Placing a piece next to the cash register (or the piggy bank at home) will also attract money into your business.

How to Use Citrine for Abundance

Citrine is a wonderful crystal to use for abundance. Here are some ways you can use citrine to attract money:

  • Keep your citrine in the sun during the day (but not for more than 4 hours and never at midday). Place your stone near a window at night. The sun will charge it up, while the moon's energy will help clear out any negative energies that got stuck in its matrix during the day.
  • Place a piece of citrine directly into running water (such as a stream or river) so that it absorbs all those positive frequencies flowing through there. If you don't have access to running water, just leave your citrine outside in nature as much as possible. This will also give it time to absorb any good vibes from Mother Earth!
  • Put your citrine on top of an altar dedicated to abundance, so that its energy can flow straight into the universe!

Find out what other gemstones work best at attracting specific types of wealth; then start experimenting with different combinations until you find something that works well for you.

How to Use Citrine for Healing

Citrine is a powerful healing stone that can help heal the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Citrine heals physical wounds by removing toxins from the body and providing physical strength. It also helps with emotional wounds by cleansing your aura of negativity while allowing you to feel safe in your own space.

Try soaking in a hot tub with a citrine and orange chamomile bath bomb!

Citrine is often used as a tool for spiritual growth because it helps remove fear from your life so you can move ahead with confidence and success in life's journey. Lastly, citrine can be used for mental clarity so you have more focus on what matters most in your world. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you're a collector or a crystal healer, citrine is one of the most powerful healing stones for manifesting abundance in your life. There are endless ways to use this magical gemstone to attract money, heal trauma and achieve success.

Keep it with you every day, hold it in your hands as you meditate, and place it on your altar to bring positive energy into your space. If you share these goals with someone else, gift them a citrine stone so they can benefit from its properties as well!

Check out our beautiful range of citrine stones, jewelry, and other goodies to start you off on your citrine journey!

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