Mars Transit Libra

 Mars in Libra

Pros : Motivated to get things done, passion with partner, driven to start a venture
Cons : Sudden shift in relationship, break-ups due to temper, single minded 
Pros : improve in health, gets all task finish, new diet, victory against enemies 
Cons : accident prone, delays at work due, issues with co-worker, accumulation of debts
Pros : romance is in the air, goal driven, adventure seeking, increase in income 
Cons : short term romance, unable to sleep, unable to finish a task, not able to focus on work
Pros : new land or home property, high endurance and energy, emotional break through
Cons : disturbance at home, tensions between family, issues with home and conveyances 
Pros : new ideas , great courage and will, motivated to experience life, creativity spike
Cons : fear of failure, conflict with siblings, interruptions in education, travel delay
Pros : energize and independent, passionate to change diet, support from siblings 
Cons : fluctuation in savings, tension with friends and family, harsh in speech 
Pros : strong body, good health, passionate to get things accomplish, goal oriented
Cons : tension in relationship, uncontrollable temper, accident prone 
Pros : victory over enemies, increase in spiritual energy, gains through foreing land
Cons : increase sexual desire, delays in long distance travel, unforeseen expense 
Pros : increase in income, multiple source of revenue, wishes fulfilled 
Cons : tension between friends, fluctuation in finance, unrealistic goals 
Pros : business focus, promotion in career, gains reputation in public light
Cons : interruption in business, gains enemy, increase in debts 
Pros : opportunity for new studies, increase in spiritual faith, interest in yoga and meditation 
Cons : tension between father, miss opportunity due to lack of motivation, interruption in travel
Pros : victory over enemies, spiritual breakthrough, breaking unhealthy habits
Cons : health may suffer, hidden secrets revelations, defame and scandals  


  • Fabiola

    Mars in Libra is a Bitch!

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  • Kimberly Wojciechowski

    😅 smh deezzzz plants 😒 gonna 😓🙏 thx to all of you at eat read love 💘 much love stay safe!

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