Sun transits to Libra

Sun transits to Libra

Sun will enter Libra on October 17th and stay until November 16th. This transit will be focused on the 7th house.

Who is the Sun? 

Sun is center of all life, force and energy. The Sun gives us strength, courage, and control. He is known to be the King and the Moon is the Queen. It represents the government and authority such leaders of state. Sun is the soul of the whole entire universe. 

What is the 7th house?

Seventh house deals with marriage, sex, passion related happiness, and business contracts. The Significator of this house is Venus. Seventh house is how you would interact with the world and show public relationship.

As the Sun transits to Libra our relationships will be put into light. This is the time that our sense of control and ego will be tested. Sun is debilitated in Libra 10th degree. We will have to work on our relationship even harder when Sun enters debilitation as it will not be able to give the energy that it normally gives us.

Here are some mystical items that you can use during this transit to help you: CLICK HERE!